Debra and Sheri
Dear Debra and Sheri, I am grateful for the powerful healing session I had with you both last week at the Logos Center. I have never experienced a healing quite like that one. I did not mention any of my health issues to either one of you before the session. Debra nailed everything! The personal emotional issues I was going through was brought up and healed. The physical issues I had she immediately went to. She began working on my "brain" going in through my "right eye": Unbeknownst to her I had been having "optic migraines" for the past couple of years and recently began having them more frequent. She then began working on my right "bicep" and "right shoulder" area. She said it would feel like I had a shot in that area. Again, unbeknownst to her, I had torn my right bicep tendon a couple of years ago, and due to that injury also had right shoulder problems. She proceeded to heal that area. She then said that I was being infused (such as an IV would do) with a cleansing energy and light that reached into every cell in my body. At that time I felt this glorious energy that tingled and excited every part of my body, that filled me with joy, clarity and happiness! During the healing Debra had become ice-cold, as well my hands were freezing. She said the whole back of the room was filled up with my loved ones in spirit. They were there to honor me that I chose to do this for myself. I feel more connected to the Divine in everything and everyone. Peace fills my heart. I have a knowing, but it is hard to put into a few words, everything that happened in that healing. I am forever grateful that Debra and Sheri allow the Divine to use them to heal on so many levels for those that ask and those willing to receive. Blessings to you and yours. Blessings to you and yours, Namaste!