Debra and Sheri
I met Debra and Sheri through my sister in August 2014. She called me to tell me about them and the work they do. She sent me interviews done with them. It was all very interesting to me but, of course, I was skeptical too! I guess that's one of the downfalls of being human! My sister said that her daughter was going to go to Debra & Sheri for a healing. I thought this was a great idea because her health had been getting worse and the doctors had no idea what was wrong. (Since then she has been better.). Then my sister decided to go for herself. I listened to the recordings of both their healings and just couldn't stop thinking about them. I had to go myself. I really could not afford a trip to Arizona and the healing but I was just drawn to go. I couldn't say no. So I got on a plane and flew to Arizona...in August! I thought I must be insane! But, what the heck, maybe they could cure insanity! My healing was nothing short of a miracle. Debra & Sheri knew nothing about me but they, thru God, pinpointed every spot I was having a problem with...my back, my foot, my knee, my head and my heart. I have had backaches for awhile, they are just about gone. I had foot surgery a year ago. I had a stroke in 2006. My knee acts up a lot. My heart has a birth defect. All these things were so impressive and they are all better, but the biggest thing is my abdomen. A lot of time in the healing was spent there. I had been having a whole lot of problems there and was just about to see my doctor about it. I was pretty certain it was diverticulitis as my dad had it and I knew the symptoms well. Here is the amazing part...it is gone. No more symptoms. No more pain. After it being there for so long, it was just gone. There was so much more to the healing than that though. It was truly a mind, body and soul experience. (So I guess they really can cure insanity!). I can't begin to thank Debra & Sheri enough for renewing my spirit for life and bringing my spirituality up a notch. My sister and I also attended a reading with Debra and connected with our parents. It was incredible! They let us know it was them...absolutely without a doubt and it was so wonderful. I am so thankful to God and to Debra for the knowledge that our loved ones are always around us and that we can connect with them any time. They will never leave us. Even though I've always considered myself a person of strong faith, this experience has given me a deeper faith than I have ever known. I cannot say it enough ...... Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Blessings,