Debra and Sheri
A healing testimonial from a wonderful man who flew in from Texas for the day to have a Private Healing Session Hi Ladies! I am sorry I have not written back sooner. I keep waiting till the end of the story to write, but I just do not seem to get there. I will say that I Love You Two tremendously. From the moment I walked thru your doors I felt nothing but warmth, kindness and never felt any apprehension from not knowing you two. I will start b y saying I have decided on a tattoo with Angel wings and the date of 11/15/13. That has become one of the most important days of my adult life and the day I met you two and experienced my healing session. It has had a profound impact on my spiritual growth and has helped me with several areas that I have been struggling with. First and foremost the areas that you picked up on and worked on were significant areas within my system that had been giving me problems and have since gotten better. The most significant being that I spent the last two years sleeping with a oxygen machine that I no longer use. The second is that after struggling with alcohol dependency, specifically drinking a six pack every night for over 30 years I am glad to say that I have been able to completely walk away from my use. Also my weight is down over 30 pounds in the last six months. The most important thing that I experienced thru your gift was connecting with my best friend and father that has been gone for 5 years. Not only did that make an impact on me that day I believe it had a profound impact on you as well. To feel my fathers love in the same room as me after 5 years was so powerful and soothing. I have no doubt that I was led to you and your gift from a higher power. One that does answer your prayers. I cannot wait until I am led your direction again.