Debra and Sheri
A True Miracle! I just want to start off with saying how very grateful my family and I are for the two of you and the gift of healing you have given my mother. Since that evening that she spent with you two a true miracle, or should I say miracles have been preformed. She left that evening a different person. She left with piece of mind, courage, and strength. The following week she went for her needle biopsy for the two lesions that were found on her lungs. Only to be told there was nothing there to biopsy, miracle number one! Yesterday she had her surgery to have the mass in the outer wall of her rectum removed. She was originally told that as a result of the size of the mass she would be needing a permanent colostomy bag. Following the surgery she would be needing radiation followed by chemo. To the doctors surprise, come to find out the mass had shrunk (miracle number two!). Therefore she did not need a colostomy bag (miracle number three!). Nor will she be needing chemo (miracle number four!) Praise The Lord for this divine intervention! God is good! And thank God for the two of you! We love you Debra and Sheri! Thank you~