Debra and Sheri
A Private healing session for a woman who told Debra and Sheri she had a Hernia that she wanted healed. During the session God comes through and not only speaks these words through Debra he shows them to her in her mind and also bring the spirit into the room. God showed Debra (in her mind) and then used Debra voice to speak the words: the root of the problem happened when you were in your mother womb. You would have no knowledge of this pain. You had an agreement with your twin to come down to earth. You both were in your mothers womb. But your sister, who looks identical to you and who is now standing in the room, decided she didn’t want to come to earth and bailed on you. You couldn’t understand why she left. You felt abandoned and you suffered this loss and pain. Thus is the reason you have a hernia. The young lady was crying while this message came to her. The identical twin says: I have always walked with you. You are the quiet one and I am the more pushy voice stress one. Sometimes I push words out of you so that you stand up for yourself. Those are the times when you are shocked that you said these words. If you look in the mirror I look just like you. Give me a name. Spiritual surgeons came into the room and worked on her hernia. God told her to rest for she had a spiritual surgery. Rest as if she had a real surgery. She may have some pain but this is to let her know the healing is still taking place. After the healing session she told us she had never shared this with anyone not even her mom but she had always wanted to be a twin. She had this strong feeling all her life. She knew God spoke these words for know one would know this but God. We received this email from her that evening after her healing session that read: Now that I'm feeling a little better from earlier I wanted to email you guys a little update when I left. I texted my mom as soon as I left because I still wasn't able to talk without crying haha all I asked was "mom when you were pregnant with me did you ever feel like you were having twins?" She replied with yes even the dr thought so. She then told me that the dr heard two heartbeats and there was a sec sac. And then at a further along dr apt there was only one heartbeat. The dr then explained maybe I was just having a double heart beat. My mom and sister and I have decided to name her as part of my healing. Serena is her name. I asked my daughter 3 yr old as we are trying to decide on a name. I asked her what should mommy name her sister who's in heaven she said strawberry at first and I laughed and then she said how bout Serena I was shocked how a 3 yr old would even come up with such a name but we all liked it so that's what it is. I'm still feeling pain in my stomach as if I really am recovering from a spiritual surgery so I been laying around all day. I also noticed that my once hernia that I could make stick out is not visible anymore. I'm going to make an appt with my surgeon within the next week or so I'll keep you guys updated and I will be sending you what I journal about today's experience . You guys are so amazing I been thanking God all day for guiding me to you both.