Debra and Sheri
A Distant Healing Session. Healing was performed in Scottsdale, AZ @ 4:30 p.m which was for a woman who lived in Shanghai, China, her time 7:30 a.m. Debra and Sheri were told no details of what Chen was dealing with. They were just given a picture of her. This is how Chen found out about Debra & Sheri: A prior client of ours, Nancy, had a healing session with us and stood up at a work conference in Vegas to share with her peers how she recieved a miracle through us. (We still haven’t heard what this miracle was) A man who was in that room by the name of George felt compelled to share this with his girlfriend, Lin. Lin is the daughter of Chen. Together George and Lin arranged the distant healing session. After the session was complete we emailed Chen, George and Lin the mp3 audio recording of the healing. This is what they received from George a few hours after the healing session was over: Hello Debra, Sheri and to Nancy Simmons! Thank you again for sharing...Debra & Sheri were right on with the healing of Lin's mother, PengFei, remotely, via Arizona to Shanghai this afternoon. They diagnosed her chronic left buttocks and leg sciatica problem and fixed it, as well as her tooth/jaw pain via her left ear, which went away immediately! Listen to the recording attached. Also, Debra said there was a "fatherly figure" standing by her side smiling at her, which was her mother's dad! Amazing! THANK YOU GOD, Debra, Sheri, and Nancy!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!