Debra and Sheri
A Distant Healing Session. We knew nothing about Tine prior to her session. She took a beautiful journey in her session and could feel the Love from where she was at in Texas. It is all about Love!! She took a spiritual journey and was able to connect with Mother Mary and was honored for her beautiful soul. God was also present and placed his hands upon her head. Debra and Sheri, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet spirit, kind intention and your willingness to help, that you both, brought to our healing session on Friday!!!, I can tell that you are both such sincere souls, and thank you for sharing your God given gifts with others. If God is pure love, then you are both making him proud because giving love to others through helping them heal is indeed living with love in your hearts. The love we give and take is stored in our souls, and our souls are everlasting, so the work you are doing with loving intention will also never die. Thank you for being brave enough to share your gifts!!! You took me on a spiritual journey during our healing session and Mary was there!!!! All I did was cry, but not bitter tears, but tears of thanksgiving, and the honor of such a sweet encounter!!! I have art of Mary all over my house and have always felt a connection with her precious spirit. In fact my favorite spiritual song is: " Mary…did you know". Can't even listen to it without sobbing and feeling like I can't draw my breath. Thank you for the mp3 file, I listened to it right away and I felt many things during our session but mostly I shed tears, and felt heavy and relaxed. Some spiritual surgery was done on my head and abdomen, I would have loved to know what was done, since I have spent the last 20 years trying to heal but also trying to understand what was going on in my body that no doctor has been able to help me with. Our healing session was a sweet gift and a reminder that God has a beautiful plan, and that he indeed cares about each and every soul. Thank you both for your kindness and your willingness to share your gifts!!! Please continue to let your light shine. Blessings and love!!!